Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Trilogy of Fan Flicks Part 3: The Return of the TREKKIES

Trekkies 2

In case anybody is worried, you do NOT have to have seen Trekkies, The Original Documentary, to enjoy Trekkies 2. It's sort of like Troll and Troll 2 in that way.

Thankfully (or not?) that's pretty much the only way it's like Troll 2

Trekkies 2 does take up the general raison d'etre of the original, following Denise Crosby as she interviews fans of all the iterations of Star Trek.

And we all try not to be distracted by her breasts.
After watching Room 237 and Bronies: Incredibly Long Subtitle, I have to admit being slightly underwhelmed by Trekkies 2. Sure, it's amusing to revisit some of our favorites from Trekkies: TOD:

Hey, Gabriel!

Remember the Whitewater juror who showed up in uniform? No? Remember Whitewater? Exactly.

And Crosby takes Trekkies 2 international, visiting fans in places expected (England) and un- (Serbia!). But she doesn't bring anything new to the story or the phenomenon of Trekkers (my dad assures me this is the correct terminology, so I'm sticking with it), or the style of documentary filmmaking, for that matter. I could have done without the endless talking heads and the references to the first film, which come off as at best filler and at worst self-serving. Really, the only reason to watch Trekkies 2 is the music.

The film profiles a matrix of bands from Sacramento that write and perform Star Trek-themed music of varying genres and quality. Their names all reference the classic TOS episode "The Devil in the Dark" (No Kill I, No Kill I: The Next Generation), and seem to be comprised entirely of people who might not be able to play their instruments, but with whom it would be fun to have a beer. Here's a sample:

Additionally, Trekkies 2 features some bitchin' filk music.

There. Now you don't have to put it on your queue at all.

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